Introducing SkillsPass

We are pleased to introduce our new partnership with SkillsPass, a training management platform offering a library of online courses, training, and webinars specific to our industry. Funded by Labour … Continued

HR Series Week 6

HR Best Practices Series  Week 6 – Labour Legislation Compliance: Don’t let your eyes glaze over so quickly!  Labour legislation compliance is so important.  Employers and employees need to know … Continued

HR Series Week 5

HR Best Practices Series  Week 5 – Health and Safety: A healthy and safe workplace means every team member gets home at the end of the day—and everyone plays a … Continued

HR Series Week 4

HR Best Practices Series  Week 4 – Training and Development:  A workforce of well-trained employees ploughs the ground for high performance on your farm. To retain workers, reduce turnover costs, … Continued

HR Series Week 3

HR Best Practices Series  Week 3 – Employee Relations: Employee relations is simply the relationship between employers and employees.  But it is not something to be overlooked—employees are the most … Continued

HR Series Week 2

As we noted in the series launch, human resource activities fall into six core silos that every farm business should manage:  Recruitment and Hiring Compensation and Benefits Employee Relations Training … Continued

HR Series Week 1

HR Best Practices Series  Farm business owners face countless responsibilities and demands on their time.  Your business depends on the people who work for you, but managing and supporting your … Continued

AgSector Update

As we kick off the 2020 season, things look quite different this year. Not only are we taking extra precautions to ensure our health and the health of our loved … Continued