NSFA’s E-Learning Marketplace

SkillsPass is a training platform which offers a library of self-directed online courses, training, and webinars specific to our industry. Funded by Labour and Advanced Education (LAE), the training is available at no cost to NSFA members! There is a wide range of courses available, everything from computer literacy to financing to supply chain to business grammar.

All available courses:


Communication: Developing Effective Negotiation Skills
Communication: Effective Business Writing & Meetings
Communication: Using E-mail Effectively in the Workplace
Communication: Cross-Cultural Communication
Communication: Developing Your Skills
Communication: Essential Skills for Business
Communication: Managing Conflict
Communication: Practical Grammar for Business Writing
Communication: Skills for Communication Success


Finance: Accounting Basics
Finance: Accounting for Non-Financial Professionals
Finance: Cost Consciousness in the Workplace
Financial Literacy

Human Resources

HR Fundamentals
Human Resources: Recruiting, Screening, and Onboarding Effectively
Human Resources: Transformational HR and Talent Management


Leadership: Creating a Positive Atmosphere
Leadership: Creating Lasting Organizational Change
Leadership: Improving Your Leadership Skills
Leadership: Inspiring and Developing as a Leader
Leadership: Leveraging Techniques
Leadership: Women in Leadership


Management Systems
Managing Teams: First Time Manager Essentials
Managing Teams: Leveraging Team Leadership Skills
Managing Teams: Optimizing Performance on a Team
Managing Teams: Project Procurement
Managing Teams: Thinking Strategically and Managing Risk
Marketing: Essential Marketing Strategies
Marketing: Marketing in the Digital Age
Day to Day Performance Management
Operations Management: Business Continuity Planning
Operations Management: Business Continuity Programs
Operations Management: Efficiency of Production
Operations Management: Lean
Operations Management: Understanding Lean Production

Personal Development

Personal Development: Improving Your Personal Productivity
Personal Development: Improving Your Work/Life Balance
Personal Development: Polishing Your Professional Edge
Personal Development: Unconscious Bias
Planning Your Career


Professional Development: Fundamentals for Business Planning
Professional Development: Workplace Harassment Prevention
Professional Development: Communication Strategies
Professional Development: Doing Business Professionally
Professional Development: Intellectual Property
Professional Development: Introduction to Incident Management
Professional Development: Polishing Your Professional Edge
Professional Development: Post-pandemic Workplace
Professional Development: Project Management for All
Professional Development: Working with Difficult People
Supply Chain Management
The Hiring Process
Welcoming Workplaces
Workforce Development


Professional Development: Adobe Illustrator CC
Professional Development: Adobe Photoshop CC
Professional Development: Best Practices for Desktop Users
Professional Development: Computer Skills for Job Seekers
Professional Development: Digital Ethics & Privacy
Professional Development: Google Apps Fundamentals
Professional Development: Working Remotely
Social Media for Business


Microsoft: Access 2019
Microsoft: Excel 2016 – Beginning Excel
Microsoft: Excel 2016 – Intermediate Excel
Microsoft: Excel 2019 – Getting Started
Microsoft: Excel 2019 – Getting to know more
Microsoft: Excel 2019 – Learning More
Microsoft: Office 2016 – Beginning Access
Microsoft: Office 2016 – Beginning OneNote
Microsoft Office 2016: Debut Excel
Microsoft Office 2016: SharePoint for End Users
Microsoft Outlook 2016
Microsoft: Outlook 2016 – Getting Started
Microsoft: Outlook 2016 – Learning More
Microsoft: Outlook 2019 – Getting Started
Microsoft: Outlook 2019 – Learning More
Microsoft: PowerPoint 2016 – Beginning PowerPoint
Microsoft: PowerPoint 2016 – Intermediate Powerpoint
Microsoft Powerpoint 2019
Microsoft: PowerPoint 2019 – Getting Started
Microsoft: PowerPoint 2019 – Learning More
Microsoft: Project 2016
Microsoft Visio 2016
Microsoft: Visio 2016
Microsoft Windows 10 – Customization
Microsoft Windows 10 – End User
Microsoft Windows 10 – Getting Around
Microsoft Word 2019
Microsoft: Word 2019 – Learning More


Sales and Customer Facing Skills: Customer Service Skills
Sales and Customer Facing Skills: Essentials of Customer Service
Sales and Customer Facing Skills: Sales Foundations


Alternate Solutions
Creating an Age-Friendly Workplace
International Trade
Lean Entrepreneurship
Lean Productivity
Legislation, Government Programs and LMI
Nonprofit Organizations
Parents as Career Coaches

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Employees and job seekers can develop the necessary skills to succeed in today’s workforce and upskill to increase their value to their employer.

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