NSFA’s e-Learning Marketplace

AgSector is pleased to introduce our new partnership with SkillsPass, a training platform offering a library of self-directed online courses, training, and webinars specific to our industry.  Funded by Labour and Advanced Education (LAE), the training is available at no cost to NSFA members!   There is a wide range of courses available, everything from computers to financing to supply chain to business grammar.

SkillsPass has an experience for Employers and Employees. 

Employers are able to create a private portal to oversee all staff training.  Easily track and manage employee training, and ensure your staff are well equipped to help your business succeed. Simply click here to get started and assign training to your staff today!    

Employees and job seekers can develop the necessary skills to succeed in today’s workforce and upskill to increase their value to their employer.

Click here to get started and find the training that’s right for you.